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Basic Taekwondo elements with Fitness Yoga basics techniques with Flexibility Mindfulness strategies with intro to Meditation Values and behaviours for modern day success Resilience/Affirmations and positive psychology Nutrition for living Home cooking tools and... read more

Take Nature seriously

Dietary Guide lines have newly recommended an increase in fruit and vegetable intake from 5-9 servings per day to 5-13 servings a day. Despite the highly known benefits of adding more fruit and vegetables to your daily food intake, the statistics show that MOST people... read more

Modern Holistic Wellbeing

Coaching for Wellness   Shonda Rhimes says ‘living a well life – your life should have a happy hum…’ content, fulfilled, full of joy and happiness –equipped to handle stress and trauma and recover. Success Foundation: Get the right strategy: you have taken first... read more

Power of Values

Motivation was what I leaned into to get results. I was totally motivated most of the time but it took massive effort and a huge spend of energy to keep myself pumped up to the point where I was able to affect positive change in my self and therefore my life. I knew... read more
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