Turning Fear into power

What you need before you begin- is an individual commitment to the never ending discipline of constant and never-ending improvement.

The questions being asked need to lead to lasting change. The most important realization along the journey has to be that without our physical health we have nothing. Throughout the process of the coaching we share with you our tools and strategies that enable you to maximize your capabilities and measurably accelerate the pace at which you realize your goals and desires. Living at a new level of intensity and passion will be the reward. Life gives extraordinary rewards to those whom give at an extraordinary level.

The Why?

Our life coaching enables you to become a full version of yourself. We help you utilize and enable your current resources of courage, faith, determination and passion to drive you to celebrate and enjoy life as you grow and contribute to yourself and others. Finding your Why, is a combination of knowing yourself, what you love, what excites you, what you hate and drives you to action. The more you know about yourself the easier it becomes to achieve and to be truly fulfilled. Success with fulfillment is the map for a happy, passionate, and connected joyful life.

What stops us from moving forward is ultimately Fear. Fear of rejection, Fear of failure, Fear of success, such as “can I handle the pressure of delivering at the high level I believe is required?”. Fear of love, and fear of losing love, fear of being alone, fear of the unknown. What you are believing about each of these fears or a combination of them is what is needed to be enquired about or reality tested. Noticing our beliefs about our fears and examining them for actual reality and evidence, and checking them takes the fear of fear away to a lesser emotional intensity and we can then work through our fears instead of sabotaging ourselves. The two primary fears experienced by all human beings are, the fear of not being enough, and the fear of not being loved. When you realize that everyone is created equal and that you job is to love yourself, then fear is dispelled and peace of mind can allow the growth or your mind and spirit.


We control the quality of our lives. What shapes that reality in everyone is the meaning we have taught ourselves or we have allowed somebody else teach us over and up to this current point in time. Our values and beliefs we examine, we notice the patterns we have set up for ourselves emotionally and challenge new thinking to create the latest version ourselves through the process. Emotions are driven by motion, so how we use our physical body, what we focus on mentally – and then the meaning in words we attach to these emotions – determines our state of mind and therefore our ability to adapt, be resilient and cope with trauma, high level or low level.

Our own needs must be met, and these are different in priority for everyone.
The six needs we concentrate on are:

1) Certainty

Stability, basic shelter, food, religious certainty or a positive outlook.

3) Significance

To feel special.

2) Variety

Entertainment, food, change scenes, change connections.

5) Growth

Enabling a capacity to learn more.

4) Connection and Love

To a person, value, habit, sense of self.

6) Contribution

Life is about a “we” not a “me”.

Meeting your needs is always happening, and can be having a positive or negative effect on your life or the lives of others. What we want to achieve is a way to meet your needs while enabling more pleasure than pain, and getting lasting sustained fulfillment in the process

Communication – key to your own self talk and your ability to enquire deeply on beliefs you have. The reality is you never actual can be sure the way you are being experienced, however the way you use your body represents the majority of what actually influences people. There is no absolute relationship between two people’s experience of the same event, so it is never possible to accurately predict the beliefs people have. The only thing you can control is your ability to adapt, and change to make other things change to better serve your own life experience. We are all a figment of our own imagination and the only reality we have is the present moment and whether to act in your own best interests or not is always entirely up to you; mentally, physically or spiritually.

To get started we identify the following:

Our greatest fears?
The benefits holding onto these fears had brought us?
Powerful reason to let go of these fears now?

Change is automatic as you make progress in letting go of your fears. The need to remain consistent with the version of ourselves we identify with is our greatest tool by which we suffocate and sabotage our dreams. Just because you believe something doesn’t make it true. Convenience is a form of certainty, and dangerous to our well-being. It is the lesser worn path to seek out new definitions for ourselves, and constantly seek improvement as an on-going work in progress. Courage to investigate and reality check your beliefs and thoughts as they arise brings huge rewards of spiritual growth as well as a calm peaceful mind. Patterns are best broken when we try new things, allow in new experiences, and on purpose look for inspiration.

The Ultimate Success Formula:

You start each new day with a clearly designed daily method operation. The Focus must be clear for that day, such that your mind stays in the present and the tasks presented can get done, ugly or not, without hesitation. Starting with the end in mind keeps you ultimately focused when as the ideas change or evolve, and keep fulfillment top of the priority list. The Intention about how your want to feel at the end of the day having done your very best to achieve what you wanted to makes you feel. Allow you take massive action to create bigger momentum for enabling change and growth. The Belief you are the creator and maker of your own reality only, and that trying to control others’ perceptions is futile. The power to Ask daily for what you want out of life, better serves your best life. The deliberate seeking of Inspiration, allows variety and new perspectives. The power to act now in each moment, in connecting to others or getting through takes now, means you don’t have under utilized moments. The power to Reflect and change your plan or change to a better informed plan, keep the wheels moving forward in a guided direction deliberately. The ability to stay constantly grateful takes the meaning to the highest level for neurons to connect more readily.

Noticing your perceptions, thoughts, emotions about situations is key, and strategies we share are key in developing this skill. Noticing any Physiology changes is crucial to managing your emotions. Building rapport and managing your responses and impact on others crucial skill. Creating strategy to tap into the areas for highest evolvement.

Managing and creating a health set of lasting success beliefs such that reality based and not past as they never equal the future unless you live there. Strategies include leverage and accountability. Creating new patterns of behaviours and habits that you can buy into a believe in a deep healthy way and best serve your set-up for success. Sustained success is the ability to adapt a life to constant renewable enthusiasm for life. Passion is driven by creating situations with peak emotional state. The science of achievement The art of fulfillment The life coaches work. Creating a state of resourcefulness is your job. Your own personal philosophy guides you to what to go after. Human being will always do more for others than they will do for themselves.

The Se7en Super Powers for FULFILMENT

1. Intention

pull (motivation)-reasons why (get off the starting blocks)-goal setting(mindset needs to match.

2. Asking

you have to Ask and get clear about what exactly you asking for….then ask ask ask, – support and answers don’t come without it.

3. Balance

makes space for- discipline-listen to your body-love and connection

4. Happiness

your strongest influences-empowering beliefs-self talk-today not tomorrow.

5. Reflection

journaling, success bank, meditation, mindfulness of triggers.

6. Now

don’t over fill the tanks-use it before you move on- find a way to knit the info in to practice-actions get momentum-the two lines.

7. Inspiration

refuel the tanks- pit stops- new adventures, don’t push on empty tanks, rewards.

Give to receive
Note-you are never going to consistently feel like doing something-habits then equal results. Deploy 5 sec rule. Map your habits- make sure they match the level you need.
Skills and Competencies- what do you need to strengthen to achieve-NLP
Beliefs- have you challenged them authentically

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