Coaching for Wellness


Shonda Rhimes says ‘living a well life – your life should have a happy hum…’ content, fulfilled, full of joy and happiness –equipped to handle stress and trauma and recover.

Success Foundation:

Get the right strategy: you have taken first steps by coming to our course in wellness.

We need to show you how to find out us what success looks like for you, and only when we have sustainable change can we celebrate true success: NO MAGIC PILL

To thrive you need to create a strong base of new beliefs and persistently follow effective strategies to achieve sustained change.

For Health your base is

Hydration-Water essential to get quality and volume right for you

Breathing– Fill your body with Oxygen

Alkalinity-go Green

Strength Exercise, Structural Alignment

Aerobic Movement


Directed Heart and Strong Mind-emotional environment

Set Goals

-Sleep, Rest and Relaxation.

 Whatever you do consistently in these areas will create the base that shapes your life.

Celebration of these successes builds the momentum to continue to build upon your base and make it stronger. It’s all about the small wins along the way that makes us recognize our inner power regularly.

Our mind seeks rewards – its just how it is.

Main Power Tool- your BODY- its ability to TRANSFORM is nothing short of a miracle.

-heat beats 100,000 times a day

-one strand of DNA can stretch two metres long

-your eyes can make over 10 million colour distinctions

-206 bones coordinate to allow you move in variety of directions

-Body is 98% water, run by a 3LB lump of brain

-Its run by the electrical power of a 10 watt bulb

If your body runs ineffectively your Goals will remain dreams.

(check new neuroscience around this) Blood brain barrier- some chemicals can change you mind! Gut health(another brain)

can you hear you intuition? Too many chemicals spoil the pathways and signals get lost….(get proof)

Initial action is not enough to create sustainable change- we must understand the organizing principles that allow you to take the right actions continuously and allow you accelerate change.

Primary beliefs about health are ???

-an apple a day keeps the doctor away

-we must eat three square meals a day

-starve a cold, feed a fever

It is very difficult to stop believing them as they are often learned unconsciously and without critical thinking. Advertising, Govt agenda’s, well intentioned friends and family, medical docs-all influence and reinforce our beliefs, without us looking into the motives or origin of the information received.

‘quick fixes’ are money making machines-whether we take it in pill form or buy the next weight loss or health fad.

You cannot order wellness off a menu or buy it from a magazine.


Where is health in the order of your values?

What level are you at in terms of understanding fitness, physical, and mental.

What if any daily rituals do you have? You wear them as a badge daily. What do you believe your energy should look like daily?

Is pain normal for you and how does it show up?

What is your drug of choice? Sugar, stress, alcohol, blaming others? Or worse?

What are your beliefs about your ability to excerise?

What are your tiggers that sabotage your behaviours?

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