Motivation was what I leaned into to get results.

I was totally motivated most of the time but it took massive effort and a huge spend of energy to keep myself pumped up to the point where I was able to affect positive change in my self and therefore my life. I knew all the motivation key world speakers and listened to and read new parts or reread old parts of their talks daily, and kept a rigid daily method of operation. It was exhausting, and meant I had to be so disciplined I had no room for error or to be human and fail to learn new growth challenges. While no doubt it was working, I couldn’t keep it going. I needed to find a more sustainable way to get positive change at the speed I required and still keep my balance. My passion to find this answer was lit and now I have a deeper understanding of how in the application and adherence to the simple rules set out by the laws of the nature and the universe, success in life is a lot simpler than we are led to believe by society in modern life. The meaning and purpose of my life has now become crystal clear.


My values are what I stand on now simply and live by them daily. My values are unique to me and my search for what they were was very short and simple. What was hard to understand was how easy the answer to my life success was and is to be going forward. Now its not so hard to feel the belief in yourself, that you and the practice of your values alone will bring you the rewards you are looking for out of life. I know now it is true and I live and love wholeheartedly and authentically as who I was born to be in by soul.


My number one value is Energy.



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